What gives an NFT its value?

Why should you invest in NFTs?

Mohamed Bitar

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NFTs are truly the future, at least that’s what we believe. There are many reasons one should invest in NFTs and we’ve listed some of them below:

  1. Each and every NFT is unique in its own right
    You need to think of every NFT as an original painting; it is unique in its own right and cannot be replicated in terms of token number or smart contract. There will never be the same NFT with the same details ever again. Buying an NFT means you are buying the original piece of art, be it a tweet, audio, or anything.

  2. Some NFTs may come with a copyrigh
    If you are using mintable.app, your NFT might be copyrighted. If so, then the original owner of the NFT would have the right to use that asset in any way they’d like.

  3. Tokens are as rare as they could get
    Considering each and every NFT cannot be replicated, each token is as rare as it can get. This means that every NFT carries value that exceeds all expectations.

  4. NFTs are digital collectibles that can be RESOLD
    The world is vastly changing and collectibles are now done in the virtual world. Thanks to NFTs, collecting tokens that are of value to you is possible through the click of a few buttons. Buying a certain NFT means you can resell them for a lot of money!

  5. NFTs can be downloaded
    On mintable.app, downloading the file attached to the NFT is exclusive to the actual owner. If an NFT includes assets that are locked, users have to buy the NFT to be able to access and download the exclusive information. Data is value. Data is everything.

  6. NFT data cannot be altered
    The metadata of each NFT cannot be altered, neither can its assets. This means that the data, the name, the token cannot be amended and will never be deleted from the blockchain.

  7. NFTs are eternal
    Because the data is unchangeable, NFTs are eternal. They don’t have an expiration date nor will they ever wear out. That’s where all the value lies.

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