How To Create & Sell An NFT on OpenSea

Mohamed Bitar

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You might think that creating an NFT requires a certain skill set, but that’s where you’re wrong. NFT marketplaces - such as OpenSea - have facilitated the process for nearly everyone interested in these digital assets, providing users with easy steps to launch their own token! Here’s a brief breakdown if you’re looking to launch an NFT on OpenSea:

1. Visit

2. Click “Create” and then choose the type of wallet you wish to use. You can choose between "MetaMask” or "Different Wallet.” You will see different MetaMask versions if you select the former; install the browser extension on either Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Open the extension and click “Get Started.”

3. Create a new wallet if you don’t have one already. Buy Ethereum on an exchange and send it to your wallet. Once complete, go back to OpenSea and click the wallet icon.

4. Link OpenSea to your MetaMask wallet.

5. Click the “Create” tab and select “My Collections.” Fill in all the details required. You can always edit details such as commission on sales, social media links, and select tokens you will accept.

6. To add a token, click “Add New Item,” which will ask you to sign in.

7. You will then need to input all the details linked to your NFT (image, video or audio, name of NFT, description, etc). Click “create” and voila! Your NFT is now ready to be sold.

8. To put it up on the market, click “sell.” Enter the price of your NFT. Once everything has been filled, either put it up for sale directly or schedule the sale for a later date.

It is important to note that secondary marketplaces like OpenSea will take a 2.5% fee once a sale has been made. There will also be 2 transactions that will incur ETH gas costs – if it is your first time selling an NFT on OpenSea.

Once your NFT has been created and listed, you can see it on the marketplace. You can also mint more NFTs and add them to your list of collectibles. 

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