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Stage I: Build and Fill

Existing in the digital world extends beyond just presence. It is about leveraging everything the online world offers in your favor. In your consumer’s favor. Optimizing the use of your online assets is key to success in this era – but it requires expertise and a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of digital platforms, online data, and strategies. Sometimes a little help is needed to help you get there. A data-driven communications consulting firm is your answer. This will ensure quality work, effective messaging, and proper analysis of your data. The Wick Firm – being a data-driven communications consulting firm – can help you achieve a 360 digital communication strategy over different phases.

1. Building your online assets

The first phase is all about setting up your online platforms. From websites and social media channels to mobile apps, blogs, and newsletters, your online presence is more than just existing on various channels. You don't have to have/build all of those. It is about choosing which online assets suit your business best based on where your audience would potentially visit and optimizing your presence on those channels. 

2. Filling your online assets

What is the point of building online assets if you don’t maintain and fill them with content that resonates with your audience and reflects your brand’s image? Whether written, visual or audiovisual, content is what your potential customers are looking for and one of the best ways to connect with consumers. 

Stage I does not end when the app or website is up and running. In this sense, the following are examples of the services provided by Wick in Stage I

Online Assets Setup:

- Website, Social Media Channels Setup

- Newsletter Design & Development

- Media Banners Design & Development

- Copywriting / Blogging / Editorial Staff

Social Media:

- Design Posts

- Animated Posts

- Design Ads

- Community Management

Laying the foundation for your brand’s long-term strategy takes place during the Build and Fill stage. Thus, having a data-driven communications consulting firm handle this stage for you will guarantee a sturdy foundation, one that is able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and grow beyond its limits.

Wick would love to build & fill for you.

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